Weston-super-Mare Conservative Association is a modern forward-looking Association of like-minded people from all walks of life with a common belief that their country should be run by a Conservative government. The Association has an elected Executive Committee, which looks after the administration of the Association, as well as Campaigning, Social and Political events.

Association Officers

Chairman: Richard Nightingale
Vice-Chairman (Membership): Charles Walker
Vice Chairman (Political): Sonia Russe
Treasurer: Colin White-Adams
Women’s Chairman: Brenda Pryce

North Somerset Councillors

Hutton & Locking: Elfan Ap Rees
Hutton & Locking: Terry Porter

Kewstoke: Lisa Pilgrim
Kewstoke: Roz Willis

Mid Worle: Robert Cleland

North Worle: Marcia Pepperall

South Worle: Peter Crew
South Worle: David Hitchens

Uphill: Peter Bryant

Weston Central: Richard Nightingale

Weston Milton: Martin Williams

Weston Winterstoke: Sarah Codling
Weston Winterstoke: Dawn Payne

Wick St Lawrence & St Georges: Ruth Jacobs

Weston Town Councillors

Mid Worle: Robert Cleland

North Worle: Jan Holloway
North Worle: Marc Aplin

South Worle: Peter Crew
South Worle: James Davis
South Worle: David Hitchens

Uphill: Roger Bailey
Uphill: Peter Fox
Uphill: Clive Webb

Weston Central: Jos Holder
Weston Central: Richard Nightingale

Milton: Roz Willis
Milton: Martin Williams

Winterstoke: Sarah Codling
Winterstoke: Steve Kane
Winterstoke: Len Pernell

Worlebury: Lisa Pilgrim
Worlebury: Ian Porter