Weston MP’s Cross-Party Letter on changes to North Somerset’s new Local Plan

Weston’s MP John Penrose has sent a cross-party letter to North Somerset Council, co-signed by Liberal Democrat Councillor for Blagdon & Churchill Patrick Keating, outlining how the Council’s new Spatial Plan must change to create the best future for local residents, and correct problems with the original version.

The letter calls for the Council to focus on the serious problems for traffic jams on the M5, an entire new section of green belt to protect countryside between villages like Banwell, Congresbury and Churchill, abandoning plans for a ‘garden village’ near Churchill, more housing investment in town and city centres including Weston and Bristol, and clear dates to complete the Banwell Bypass too.

John said: “The old Joint Spatial Plan had some good things in it, but some serious problems too. Starting again gives us a chance a chance to put the problems right, but keep the best pieces of the old version too. I’m really pleased that Councillor Keating wanted to join me in calling for bolder ideas for housing, protecting green spaces and tackling traffic congestion too. It shows there’s cross-party agreement on what needs to be done and sends a powerful message that will be hard to ignore.”

John’s letter co-signed by Patrick Keating is available here.
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