Liz Truss Visits Weston

The Dining-room at the Banwell Castle Gatehouse was filled to capacity with an excited dining audience who were looking forward to hearing Liz Truss.

She did not disappoint.

As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liz explained that it was her job to conduct the spending reviews next year. Hopefully this will be more generous than in the past. We have to help businesses by cutting red tape. Liz reminded us that John Penrose had carried legislation through the Commons, which meant that for every new regulation, two had to be erased.

At the end of her terrific speech, Liz answered several questions from the audience. When the attendees left, they were thinking that this is a “Star in the making”.

Thanks must go to Cllr. Lisa Pilgrim who arranged the event with her mother, and both worked hard making a very pleasant evening.