Great time at Pride (minus the abuse from Labour!)

Huge thanks to everyone who came to visit our stall in Weston-Super-Mare Pride last week. Pride is an event that’s important to our local Conservative Party membership, because we believe the LGBT community is under-represented – not just in Councils or Parliament, but across society as a whole as well. There’s lots more detail about our work on this issue at LGBT Conservatives but, broadly, we think Pride should be (and is) a celebration of equality and diversity, love and unity.

It was a great event – the mood was brilliant and there were loads of people who came to take their picture with us, show off their fancy dress and share their own messages. Our MP came along to join the PrideParade, and to chat with people who’d come to party on the lawns and to share messages from their stalls. It was a great day, and showed Weston at its best.

The only jarring note came from the local Labour Party, whose rather grumpy activists marched over to our stall at regular intervals trying to spark arguments with our volunteers, and then sent a volley of tweets saying we weren’t welcome. They asked our activists ‘why are you even here?’ (which was pretty arrogant, considering some of our volunteers are gay), and accused the local MP of only attending for a few minutes when he was there for several hours.

So, at an event to support equality and diversity, they focused on party-political point-scoring and division. Instead of celebrating love and unity, they told lies. While everyone else was promoting good-humoured tolerance and community cohesion, they were angry and divisive. Way to go guys……

The good news is that, after a social media backlash from people saying they were badly out of order, they realised their mistake. They took down the worst of their tweets, and the local Labour Party Chair got in touch asking us to report anyone who’d been abusive or misleading. Which was all very nice until we realised that the person sending a lot of the most divisive, unwelcoming tweets is his wife.

Let’s see how thorough he’s willing to be with this clean-up after all……….