Weston Conservative’s AGM 2017

Our AGM on 31st March this year, was a very well-attended event. All our Officers gave informative reports, as well as Elfan Ap Rees who up-dated us on North Somerset Council. In the Financial Report, Charles Walker stated that our membership numbers had risen, and hoped they would continue to do so, and also stated that we must raise some more money. Our President Dave Wallace was re-elected, as was our Deputy Chairman for Finance, Charles Walker. As our Chairman, David Ray, was standing down, Cllr. Richard Nightingale was elected as the new Constituency Chairman, and Sonia Russé took his place as the Deputy Chairman (Political). Our three Vice-Presidents, Pat Oliver, Dorothy Harwood and Melissa White-Adams were re-elected and, lastly, our Women’s Officer, Cllr. Sarah Codling stood down and Brenda Charles was elected in her place. We had a brief address from Stephen Pugsley, the Somerset Area Deputy Chairman, and he was followed by John Penrose who thanked the retiring officers. John gave an encouraging speech, again emphasising that no matter whether you were an “IN” or “OUT” member, we should treat all members with respect and, more importantly, we should not allow our Party to split, but we should remain together. Finally, the presentations – Charles Walker presented the Shield for Financial Achievement to Hillside Branch and Brenda Charles accepted it, and Richard Nightingale said the Dorothy Greenland Cup for Political Achievement should go to Melissa White-Adams for all the work she does for the Party which is much appreciated, and he duly presented it to her.