Afternoon Tea With Nicky Morgan MP

A February afternoon was ideal for a lovely Cream Tea with loads of scones, cream and jam, and sandwiches.

We were at the Beachlands and Nicky Morgan MP joined us. Although being reshuffled out of her job as Education Secretary by the new Prime Minister, Nicky is still very interested in the subject and is writing a book.

That day she had been at a school in Portishead to talk to staff, and to Bristol University as well, before finishing her day with us. She chatted to everyone there, as did John Penrose, before addressing us all and took many questions which she skilfully answered. The questions were varied as she had also been Minister for Women and Equalities before the reshuffle.

She was, and still is, a Remainer in the Referendum and is currently undermining the Government’s policy of creating new grammar schools which she considers a “division” in the education system!! “It should be what works for the children, not what sounds good for politicians”, she said. It had been daylight when Nicky arrived, but she was in no hurry over her visit, and it was dark when she left